Parent and Me

0 - 5 Years Old
  • Playlingual Infant Class

    3 months - 12 months

    Babies can “talk” and recognize sounds before they can visually see. Starting from infancy, human beings are eager to establish emotional and physical connections with their family members, cultures and languages. Their communicative skills continue to develop as they begin to explore with their body together with their loved ones. Having recognized the critical learning period and the developmental needs of infants, Playlingual welcomes the newborns together with their “care” circles to learn Mandarin Chinese. Through baby yoga, massage, music and physical play appropriate for the baby’s developmental stage, Playlingual works with babies and their caregivers on making Mandarin Chinese enjoyable, memorable and fun!

    Playlingual Toddler Class

    12 months - 5 years

    Children develop their language skills as they begin to explore with their hands. Respecting children’s natural developmental needs, Playlingual introduces foreign languages to children through child-centered, hands-on, interactive musical and play experiences.


    In Class Expectations

    For Adults Only
    • One or two adults may accompany one child to the class. We ask adults not to interfere with the child during his/her exploration. Encouragement and modeling are welcomed. However, adults should refrain themselves from holding children’s hands to do activities or pushing children to do activities that they show little interest at the time. 
    • We ask adults to use whisper voice when speaking to the child in English. If the adults can speak the target language, please speak only the target language to the child during the class

  • Teachers

    • Peng Zeng
      Founder & President

      It’s so exciting to watch children creatively engaged in the process of exploring materials like beans and dough, while simultaneously responding to and communicating in Mandarin.

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