About Us

  • Our Philosophy

    Playlingual believes it is important to begin multilingual development in the early stages of a child’s life. From birth, children have a natural desire to communicate with the outside world. To foster this natural developmental need, Playlingual creates learning environments where children are engaged in hands-on activities while interacting with other people who speak the target language. At Playlingual, each section centers upon one material as well as a set of developmentally appropriate motor skills. We believe that by practicing these essential skills in an open-ended play experience, children will be given opportunities to communicate in the target language. Additionally, children will benefit from the creative process as well as their final products.

  • Our Mission

    Children develop their language skills as they begin to explore with their hands. Respecting children’s natural developmental needs, Playlingual introduces foreign languages to children through child-centered, hands-on, interactive play experiences.