Private Sessions

(0 - 5 years)
Small private group classes for infants (3m+) or toddlers (12m-5yrs) at similar developmental stages can be organized. A minimum of three families per group must be met.
  • Before Registration

    • Please fill out the online registration form and request for private group session. Playlingual staff will contact you via email or phone.
    • Playlingual staff will discuss with you about class series and dates.
    • All payments need to be made via checks or venmo by the first day of class.

    Before Class

    • Playlingual staff will arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the class to set up.
    • All children should have at least 5 minutes to explore the class space prior to the arrival of the Playlingual staff.
    • Children should be excused while Playlingual staff is setting up.

    In Class

    • One or two adults may accompany one child to the class. We ask adults not to interfere with the child during his/her exploration. Encouragement and modeling are welcomed. However, adults should refrain themselves from holding children’s hands to do activities or pushing children to do activities that they show little interest at the time. 
    • We ask adults to use low voice when speaking to the child in English. If the adults can speak the target language, please speak only the target language to the child during the class.

    Space & Environment

    • Please provide an open, well lit, and cozy area with little distractions, such as toys, loose household items, and background noise, for the class.
    • Please prepare an open cleared table space that can be easily accessed by children.
    • Playlingual staff will be responsible for set-up and clean-up before and after each class.
  • Teachers

    • Peng Zeng
      Founder & President

      It’s so exciting to watch children creatively engaged in the process of exploring materials like beans and dough, while simultaneously responding to and communicating in Mandarin.

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